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Friday, January 27, 2012

boochie boy likes to drank (beer)

"Is my face fat?" - Hayden's question after texting me the above pic

My little brother is a true gem. From going to see Blink 182 when I was in 10th grade and he was in 5th to his most recent venture to Portland when we destroyed our bank accounts on good beer and good food, we have always been close. And by close, I mean I boss him around in this annoying-girl tone and he doesn't complain, and he constantly makes fun of me for pretty much everything and I don't complain. It's just how it is and the trade-off is worth it.

There's no doubt I've had an influence on him, being the cool older sister: he "got into surfing" because of me, he listened to crappy pop punk because of me, he worked at wannabe skate shop PacSun because of me (I worked at a real skate shop in the mall once upon a time), he got tipsy off Mike's hard lemonade because of me, he goes to college in San Diego because of me, he became hooked on LOST because of me, he shops at Forever 21 because of me, he ate a seitan and Daiya philly cheesesteak and liked it because of me, he passed his philosophy class because of me... the list could go on forever!

But I will admit, there are several things I got into because of him: Zelda, Mike Jones, The O.C., anddd Jimmy John's. I even got into Phish because of him. Oh wait, no I didn't!

He's also now who I turn to when I want to know about beer. Not sure if he's trying to keep me up to speed on "what's good" or if he just likes to rub in how drinking two beers doesn't give him a hangover yet, but whenever he's drinking a beer that he thinks is good, he'll text me a photo and some kind of description. That's what the majority of our text conversation is about. (Unless I'm having guy problems and want the input of a 22 year old. Yeah what's wrong with me? Jk Hayden you give awesome advice.)

So instead of having all of these little photos scattered all over my text history, I thought I'd upload them to this blog so they can be nice and organized and easy to reference before a night of going out or trip to the grocery store.

Disclaimer: he lives in San Diego, so his preferences are dominated by what's available on the Best Coast

Second disclaimer: if you aren't really really really into beer this will no doubt be the LONGEST AND MOST BORING POST OF YOUR LIFE. (Mom just wait until you see where all of his money goes)

I give you, Beer Texts from Hayden:

"A new Belgium type" "Buddy's Belgium home brew"

"Red rocket, a delicious red ale from Bear Republic"

"Taste of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot and a Green Flash Winter's Folly"

"Go to a good bottle shop and buy this beer"

"Gettin ready for a great weekend" "Green Flash West Coast IPA"

"Yum!" "Ballast Point, another San Diego award winning microbrew, all their beers have to do with fish or the sea"

"Roy my drinking buddy"

High school friend's cider company "now sold in Texas, for Texans" 

"Tap Room"

"A rarity... one of the best IPAs made by Russian River. It's quick to sell out"

Text from me: Elysian Brewing tasters in Seattle

"Blanco, Tx"

"More brown than black" ... "More brown than black is a collaboration of stone, Ninkasi and Alchemist brewing from VT"

"Red hook is mediocre"

"IPL is an India Pale Lager"

"We are buying it right now" All Texas beer blows. "You blow" "Their IPA is good"

"New Beers I'm Enjoying: Belgiums ... The Reverend from Avery Brewing" and it looks like you're studying, good job. Or are you reading Game of Thrones? He actually sent me this text tonight.

Text from me: Tasters at Roscoe's

"And I've started drinking again. My flight is delayed till 7"

"Look at those rings!" "A little Sumpin' Wild by Lagunitas. A Belgian Strong"

My text: "Mason jar of amnesia pale ale, to-go from the bar :)" Whaaa??? How'd you get that??

"I'm starting to drink stouts"

"Cask ipa tonight" "Cask is a keg they let sit for a loong time"

"Stone's 15th anniversary imperial black ipa. Learn how to text correctly ... I get to keep this pils glass from PB Bar and Grill. Roy says 'hey there' in this photo"

"I felt like Benjamin Franklin last night at I drank by candlelight" 

"My purchases earlier... At BevMo, this is a place I just recently stumbled upon. Stones anniversary wassaturday. FRESH BEER"

"Beer mmmmm" oooh puzzles

"Mmmm beer" Ooh more puzzles

"Our beer wall"

"It's strong. 9.4%"

Text from me: Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat

"It's just such a beautiful beer."

And there ya go!

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