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Saturday, January 28, 2012

california dreamin'

is exactly what I'm doing.

One of my friends who works in PR told me that she was going on a business trip to San Diego, and she wanted to know all of the good places to eat and drink. After brainstorming and remembering all of the great spots from the days I lived there in my college years, I got a real bug to go back. I want sun. I want beach. I want the nightlife and the shopping and the windows rolled down!

Oh but wait - it turns out her business trip got switched to Santa Barbara instead, which happens to be my absolute favorite city in California. My grandparents lived there before they passed away, and my Auntie Gail has lived there for years. I've said it before and I'll say it again: my dream is to retire there. So when I started brainstorming places for my friend to check out while she is there, I got this can't-stop-thinking-about-it-for-three-days urge to go back, so I gave my landlord 30 days notice sent my aunt an email to see if I could plan a trip down in the near future.

I have a very easy time romanticizing California because of all the family trips we took to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara when I was a kid. I look back on these memories when I didn't have a care in the world, and think of palm trees, sunshine, open windows, playing on the beach, citrus and avocado trees, blue ocean, seafood on the wharf, the gorgeous drive on PCH & highway 101, and of course Disneyland! Something so fun and innocent about those memories. Sigh...

Well, the universe decided to tease me again when I saw these awesome photos on an Apartment Therapy house tour (click the link and check out the interview) from a home belonging to newlyweds in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. Sigh...

Love the centerpiece

I'm determined to get some plants for my kitchen window now - so cute!

Yum yum yum. That bowl of little peppers is rad!

Totally OBSESSED with those towels.


A girl can dream.

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