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Saturday, January 28, 2012

draper style

One of the blog subjects I have neglected for a long time is "entertaining." I live in a small studio apartment, so it would be kind of weird to have a full-on party, but since I literally live across the street from the Rose Garden (an arena where the Portland Trailblazers play <3 <3 <3 and major musical acts perform; I have never seen it so nuts as it was for Michael Jackson's Immortal tour) it makes sense that friends will be coming over before such events. Actually they've already come over, but we could say I sucked at entertaining them. A glass of tap water is just so lame!

When I first moved in, I was really excited about setting up my former console table as a bar table (subconsciously inspired by Don Draper I'm pretty sure), which I did do, sort of. As of now, it holds a wine rack with three bottles of wine, 6 mismatched hand-me-down wine glasses, 4 hand-me-down martini glasses, 2 random champagne flutes, a decanter, and a vintage cocktails book, which is definitely the coolest thing on the table. At least I don't have all of my random souvenir shot glasses displayed - now that would be really bad.

In order to spruce up my entertaining game, I've decided that I want to get rid of all the accidental, boring glasses and find some unique vintage ones instead. So I did a little looking on Etsy and became really excited about what I found. I can't decide if I want to go for the mid-century gold and clear glass style, or the bold, colored glass style. I think I'll sit on this one for a bit...

Here is what I found:

1960s amber chalice cups/wine glasses via

1970s Colony Park Lane blue wine glasses via

1970s brown glass wine goblets via

1950s Indiana Whitehall olive green tumblers via

1920s cobalt blue cocktail glasses (actually fruit cups but whatevs, it works) via 

1960s plum mini pedestal goblets via

1960s Culver Old Fashioned glasses with gold (22 ct)  fruit pattern via

1960s Culver Valencia Old Fashioned glasses via

1960s "Early Americana" tumblers via

Culver mid-century cocktail glasses via

1960s gold rimmed highball glasses via

1960s Hausproud roly poly tumblers via

1950s atomic roly poly tumblers via (quite possibly my favorite)

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