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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

guess what? age don't matter

One of the things I love about designing a home as a twenties-something single is that you can get away with a lot.

When I first saw this photo in an Apartment Therapy house tour a couple of years ago (dangit I don't have the original link), I was fascinated in the same way I was fascinated as a kid by my teenage neighbor who used to sit on his roof, smoke cigarettes and shoot his bb gun at only god knows what. Not that I ever wanted to do the same, but there is something about that "I don't give a *#&$!" rebellion that is so intriguing, especially to a goody goody like me. (Hi mom!)

But let's be honest: that decor probably wouldn't fly when you have kids who are playing legos on the floor in the middle of the living room. I mean, maybe if they were too young to read, but what about when other mommies come over for play dates? Pretty sure they would talk sh*t behind your back. But not if you're young and single and without kids ... then this look is more likely to be viewed as "edgy" and "creative." 

While you can get away with a lot of crazy home decor in your twenties (as college freshmen can get away with even more in their dorm rooms - remember that "KISS" poster so many guys had plastered above their bed? I'm not talking about Gene Simmons. Think hard, it's been a while.) it's becoming more and more common to see homes belonging to people in their 30s and 40s with a noticeable amount of snark and playfulness going on.

Which brings me to these photos of this Toronto home featured in a Design Sponge "Sneak Peek" (a couple owns it, and it's a house, so I'm assuming they are older than their twenties. If they are in fact in their twenties, daammmmmn Gina! Nice work!):

Maybe youthful home decor will be the anti-aging remedy of the early 21st century? Remember I said that.

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