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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Personal Project: Bookcase (Part 1)

I'm in a major home decor phase, again, particularly focused on my own home. So, I've decided to do the occasional post featuring a personal project in my studio apartment. Can you tell I've been reading my new Design Sponge book?? :)

This go round, it's all about fixing up my bookcase so it isn't only functional, but lookin good. What I have right now isn't totally awful, but there's none of that "I could just stare at this all day" factor that I adore so much. It's a black Ikea bookcase with 8 squarish compartments and I've simply stuffed all my books and movies into it without paying any attention to how it looks. I did set some heirloom Chinese figurines in front of some of the books, but only because they accidentally got left out of the "Too Good to Goodwill, but I Live in A Tiny Studio and There's Not Enough Room to Display" box in the closet.

On top of the bookcase I've set piles of mail I have yet to go through (ugh that should've been one of my New Year's Resolutions), my headphones and speakers that aren't plugged in, a pinwheel folk art thing my mom gave me, and an "Amberley Whiskey" (yes it's spelled wrong) metal sign hanging above it on the wall. Blah. It's been like that for 3 months and I'm totally over it.

For some inspiration, I collected a few examples of bookcases and bookshelves that I admire:

The cream colors are pretty and I love the picture frames attached in the front. Very unique.

This is rainbow effect is very similar to what I did with all of my books at my old apartment, and I really loved it at the time. 

I did a double take when I saw this because for some reason I feel like this is just SO me, as if I put it together in a dream or past life or something. Sorta creepy but awesome. 

This look I love, not because of the case but because of the colors and the randomness of everything. It also looks really fresh. We're getting closer to what I want....

Too bad my bookcase is black because this is my FAVORITE look and the same effect just wouldn't be achieved if I tried to copy. But I will take with me: it's not too organized, there is a color theme in place, and there are photos and art that grab your attention.

I also really like this idea for the top of my bookcase. Simplicity, Simplicty, Simplicity!

And if I had crazy amounts of time to waste 
(Can you imagine paper covering all of your books by hand? It does look good though, I have to admit. Very Anthropologie.)

Anyway, there are several things I'm noticing about these eye-catching bookshelves:

1. Purposeful color - grouped into colors, pops of bright color, color themes/families
2. Mixed stacking - horizontal and vertical
3. Other objects mixed in with the books - busts, photos, art, knick knacks

Now let the brainstorming begin... (to be continued in a future post)

...And just because this kind of book display is somewhat on trend for reasons I don't know:

I can barely look at it...I'm starting to feel suffocated! I'm guessing this is one of the ways it all begins for the people featured on that A&E show we all secretly love.

all photos via Pinterest

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