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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas in the Country

For you stalkers out there who are dying to see some personal pics of my life...   ;)

I give you.... Christmas in the Country. These pics were taken by my bro over the holidays in Chappell Hill, TX. (way delayed but whatevs)

The farmhouse

Me and my grandmother, Maw Maw :) This pic is making me realize I need to know what her lipstick is! It's just too perfect of a color for me not to own it as well. Twinsies!

Farm animals

My mom and Adelaide

Yeah that would be my MOM moving hay

Christmas Eve table setting

Making mulled wine with my sister Ashley

My brother Hayden drinking mulled wine (he had never heard of mulled wine and kept going on about how he felt like one of the characters in his Game of Thrones books because of it). Lahoo-zaher. Hi Hayden :) 

Me and my girl cousins on Christmas day. The heat was on full blast at my grandparents' house so we all look hella rosy and sweaty. Hot.

Lola, running towards me and barking (she's a wild dog that just showed up one day. she's kinda mean)

My sister and her beau Windsen... great portrait. Typical Texas.

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