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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Personal Project: Bookcase (Part 2)

Well I finally made some progress people! Who would have thought it would have taken me, what, 3 weeks to rearrange a friggin' bookcase!? Well I took some tips and tricks from my earlier post and organized my books into colors, mixed and matched the ways they were stacked, and added little touches of decor throughout. I'm pretty happy about how it turned out.

Even though it's not totally complete (I still need to fix up the top) I thought I'd share what the practically-finished bookcase looks like:

Before (Junky, Haphazard, Unintentional)

< < < < < and BAM!! > > > > > 

After (Sleek, Clean, Intentional)

And yes... the Christmas tree is finally put away. :)


  1. Is the Batum photo getting framed?

  2. Haha! It needs to be huh? Maybe I'll blow it up to poster-size and put it on top of the bookcase - screw my original idea! :)


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