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Friday, August 10, 2012

Desert Paradise

Family trips to California were always the best part of summer as a kid: Disneyland, Santa Barbara and Yosemite all wrapped up into a glorious few weeks. Since we always drove to California (in a giant, striped '80s van with the ladder up the back) and camped along the way, I also got to see a good amount of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and sometimes Nevada. I fondly remember sitting on the roof of the van, eating bowls of cereal and watching the sun come up over the Grand Canyon. Magic. But the good memories don't stop there and they have definitely given me a special love for the deserts of the Southwestern United States.

So, if I could take a "spa retreat" anywhere in the world (love this game), I think I would choose a desert setting over anything else. Not only for sentimental reasons, but because I adore the dry heat, beautiful stillness and quiet mystery that come with it. So naturally, when I was reading this AD article about celebrities' favorite hotels, I had to check out the Amangiri - the resort that was mentioned more than once and happens to be in a desert. It is located in Southern Utah's Canyon Point, surrounded by nothing but majestic canyons and plateaus. (Weren't we all hoping Curiosity would show Mars to look like this? I mean if we're going to be building colonies there...) Check out the photos below from the Amangiri website and more about the resort here!

Incredible, right?

Do you enjoy the desert? Where would you like to take a "spa retreat?"
Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


  1. I'm not big on spa retreats (too peaceful, if you can claim such a thing) but this setting is gorgeous. I think I would bask in nature's glow for a few days and then get really antsy. Have a wonderful weekend

  2. that looks stunning! i want to swim in that pool!

  3. oh my gosh, i want to pack my bags right now. that pool looks amazing

  4. I like how they are completely in the middle of nowhere. I like feeling removed the norm:)


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