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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Look Inside: The Nathman Home in NE Portland, OR

One of the loveliest people I've met since moving to Portland is someone I've really only gotten to know over the past year, but she's such a warm and easygoing person that it feels like it's been longer. Her name is Tammy and she's as cute as a bug (especially now that she's pregnant!), has the same kind of sick love for the Bachelor/Bachelorette (and okay, Bachelor Pad) as me and is hands-down one of the most hilarious awkward-moment storytellers I've ever met. She has an adorable home with her husband David in Northeast Portland, and on the most recent night she hosted book club, I asked if I could snap some pictures for the blog. She graciously gave me the okay... 

My favorite things about Tammy and David's home*? Their no-stone-left-unturned attention to detail and the warmth and coziness created through textures, colors and family photos. And I'm drooling over that rustic wooden cabinet in their dining room! Tammy, where'd you get it? ;)

*Unfortunately the bedroom and basement pictures turned out blurry due to my amateur photography skills - I'll get 'em next time!


  1. I love homes like this, that seem like they just fell out of a magazine. SO JEALOUS! What a gorgeous place!

  2. Cute setting for book club - I particularly like the coffee table

  3. Love her house! and her :)

  4. My favorite home and gal too!!!

  5. Great pics! How long have you lived in Portland? My cousin just moved there and is starting to get acquainted. The photos she has sent are spectacular! I hope to visit her next summer.


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