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Monday, June 4, 2012

This Is Definitely Not Ikea

A couple of weeks ago, the Los Angeles home of Alexis Hadjopulos, designer and owner of home decor and furniture store TINI, was featured in an Apartment Therapy house tour, and after looking at all of the photos I found myself as smiley as the first time I learned what TINI stood for. (This Is Not Ikea)

The glass walls with enviable views, eclectic mix of furniture and art collection with just the right amount of quirk create serious eye-candy for anyone who loves a unique but damn good-looking home. My favorite thing? The "Customer Service" sign above his bed, which his friends tell him he should be embarrassed by. Nahhh...

Check out some of my favorite photos from the tour below, and see the interview and full tour here.

A glass house in the Hollywood Hills

Alexis and Rocky

Well someone's enjoying the view

I know the piano and graffiti are kind of stealing the show, but notice that awesome jagged counter top on the left

Silver light fixtures and silver chairs provide a nice balance in the kitchen

 A neutral color palette creates cohesion among very different styles of furniture

There are a lot of ballsy design choices going on here - and it totally works

His use of green throughout the house echoes the great views of the outdoors

Black floors give off a subtle masculine vibe

 And all-white patio furniture possesses a coolness that works year-round in LA

Awesome right?

What part of Alexis' home caught your eye the most?


  1. That is such a cool space - I'm a big fan of the art pieces. They're bold and unapologetic

    1. I read somewhere that his favorite possession is that giant Daryl Hannah photograph from the 80s. And he paid less than $2 for it!

  2. :) first time I hear what is TINI :)

    lovely home. love the big windows

    1. Fun name, huh? Next time I visit LA I will definitely be checking it out!

  3. I love his bedroom! The bed itself is beautiful, and the natural light is amazing.

    1. Yes, I am very envious of all that natural light! :)

  4. Fantastic! I'm always checking AT, but I missed this one! Thanks for posting! :) His bedroom is fantastic! I love it! I love the huge picture above the bed and the parameter! So fun! I've been adding some to my Etsy favorites, but they are so expensive!...

    1. I love that picture above his bed as well - it looks so cool in front of the window like that!

  5. What a wonderful space! I'm glad I know what TINI stands for! :) Thanks for stopping over on my blog, your blog is lovely as well!


  6. Oh man I'd love to live in this house! Great inspiration!

    xx Missy


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