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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Personal Project: Art Wall

One of the home projects that I keep putting off is creating an art wall above my bar table. It's something I've wanted to do for a while because bare walls bugggg (I just can't do minimalism - if there's nothing on my walls, I'll have stuff all over my floor) but for some reason I haven't focused on getting it done. Maybe it's because the task is a little daunting? Art can be expensive, creating a collection - that you love - can take a long time.  

I am most inspired by those bold walls of art that at first glance seem to have no rhyme or reason: random frames, unpredictable colors, unbalanced placement, and a smorgasbord of subjects. I'm really into these photos below:

I am obsessed with this art in the bathroom. Feminine, sexy, and dramatic. There appears to be a common theme: portraits of fierce females. 

First of all, those chairs. Now, back on subject: there is a ton going on here which I love, and the look of painted canvas gives a bit of a country vibe. Like.

I am digging how there is absolutely no symmetry or calculated balance going on here. Just boom, boom, boom - there ya go! I do notice that all of the photos appear to be sun-faded though, which does create a nice amount of sentimentality.

This screams "CREATIVITY" to me. 'Nuff said.

Classy. I am really drawn to that color palette and then the random blue-hued photograph. 

For some reason this is what I imagine Gertrude Stein's house to look like. This is one of the few photos in this collection with colored walls, and I think it mellows out the artwork a bit, in a good way.
via Domino Magazine (RIP)

I think the thin frames and white matting really unify this art collection, and it makes the hallway actually look bigger.

Getting a fantastic retro feeling from this room. Notice how diverse the art collections is, yet the colors flow so well.

Do you see how the artwork provides the only color in the room? I think this looks sooo good.

So, feeling inspired? Now it's time to think about what look to go for (if any). In a near future post I'll share some great places to find affordable art to jump start a collection...

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