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Sunday, April 15, 2012

help! how in the world should I frame this art?

I have this art wall project on the brain, and I've found myself re-evaluating the art I already have displayed in my apartment. I love both pieces (yes there are only two... and as different as Draper and Dunphy) but want to do something new with the frames because I'm not in love with them

The first is a colorful piece of folk art (2 x 1.5 ft.) made by an artist in Mexico City that I found at an art store here in Portland. Created with photos, markers and glitter pens, it is absolutely one of my favorite possessions because it is so unique. And it celebrates Frida and Diego, so how can one not love it?

But, I'm not really feeling that wooden frame anymore; it's a little gloomy and too heavy. Keeping in mind that I've recently been drawn to skinny, bright frames for an art wall, I can't decide if I want to switch it up with some light-colored matting and a brightly colored frame (say hot pink or green) or no matting and a neutral colored frame. Or maybe I should just leave it as is and see if it looks better when surrounded by other pieces? (Because at one point I did love that frame!)

Secondly, this is a vintage painting (4 x 3 ft.) that caught my eye at an antique store in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland because of its beautiful colors.  I also have a weakness for plein air style landscape paintings, so when the dealer said he'd sell it to me for $40 I jumped on it. (I couldn't help but smile like a goon when he told me the price, surrendering any ability to haggle for less - which is always the fun part.) 

This time around, I really, really don't like the frame. But, because the painting is old and one bump away from tearing, I don't think I should try and reframe it. Instead I'll just have to carefully paint over that really sad attempt at faux-antique gold (which takes the painting way too seriously, wouldn't you agree?). Since it's too big to go on my art wall, I have a little bit more flexibility but the only thing I can think of is extra-dark navy to make the colors really pop. 

So... what kind of framing do you think would look best with these pieces of art? 


  1. The 2nd one I would use a black can get it at Michael's and cover the frame leaving some gold here and there showing thru....or cover it entirely if you don't like how that turned out. the first one take to Michaels and see what they suggest...hard to really see it but I always like balck frames. Good luck!

  2. I agree with Anonymous. My vote for the 2nd piece-- go with black (play around with rubbing some off so the gold can come through). The contrast would be great.
    As to the first one- I LOVE that piece of art that you have! I think I comment on it everytime I see it. Hmmm...that's a tough one. I kinda like the idea of no matting. The bright colored frame could look really, really cool, or potentially I'm undecided. I think it depends on the frame. I'll think on it... Fun projects though!

  3. Thanks so much for your input! You've convinced me to try black with the painting, and I think for now I'll hold off on doing anything to the folk art. I'll post pics when it's done! :)


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