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Friday, March 2, 2012

mirrors on my mind

My cozy, dimly-lit lair has served me well for the past 5 months, as I've cranked up the radiator, fixed mugs of hot cocoa, pulled up the covers, and made my way through all of Dickens' best works the first two seasons of The Sopranos. There's been a nice little hibernation vibe going on. At this point, however, I'm clawing at the walls for some light, some exposure, some hope that winter will just go away so I don't have to scrape ice off of my car in the morning and I can get that 10 extra minutes of precious sleep! Okay, I'm being a little dramatic. The snow doesn't really change my sleeping patterns, but it does mean I'll be desperately trying to hit every green light on the way to work. Still... snow in March is not normal for a place like Portland.

Complaining aside, I'll most likely be stuck with the chilly weather and gloomy skies for at least another few months, so I'm thinking about "opening up" my small studio apartment with some mirrors. Not only do mirrors bring in light, but they create the illusion of depth if a little thought is put into it. And what girl doesn't love a home full of mirrors? So many opportunities to realize you have lipstick all over your teeth (put way too much bronzer on, need to do something about your greasy hair, should just go back to bed, etc. etc.)

Here are the unofficial guidelines:

1. When you hang a mirror directly across from a window, there will be light.

2. Extra large mirrors can make small spaces look much bigger. And I actually love the mirror sitting-on-the-floor look.

3. Make sure that you pay attention to what image is being reflected in the mirror at the position you want to hang it. (You don't want double ugly going on.)

4. If you get a really heavy mirror (many of the old ones are especially heavy) make sure to have a lengthy conversation with the guy at Home Depot about the best way to hang it. If he doesn't seem to know what he's talking about, consult a framing store, or even your landlord. Trust me, you don't want the mirror sliding down to the ground with the nail going right along with it, and you don't want a huge chunk of plaster breaking out of the wall.

Here are some of my favorite spaces with notable mirrors. I'm brainstorming here...

(My favorite photo of the bunch. I am especially obsessed with that artwork reflected in the mirror. Must find.)

Loving the object in front of the mirror, but I'm not sure how that would affect light or optical illusion goals.

Loving this look as a whole, so much.

Domino Magazine
I love the layered look over mirrors.

Oversized Mirrors on the Floor

Dresser/Mirror Combos

The #1 piece of mid-century furniture I lust after.

Similar to my style...

Mirrored Furniture: So Glam

Domino Magazine

Mirror Walls

Disco Balls. Yup.

And I leave you with this rad watercolor mirror I saw in an Apartment Therapy post, created by French design company Petite Friture.

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