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Thursday, March 15, 2012

design trend 2012: nautical rope accessories

Have you noticed how rope accessories are really "in" right now? I'm not totally sold one the idea, probably because the first example I saw was this $700 mirror from Anthropologie and my initial thought was Regretsy. Oops. Doesn't something just look a little off? Like you're going to have a huge rope unibrow when you're trying to do your makeup? Emperor's New Clothes status, IMHO.

That introduction to the nautical rope craze was a little disappointing, and the feeling has been reinforced by other rope accessories that I feel were only designed for the sake of being on-trend. If rope wasn't in style, would you actually buy this doorstop for $45? My guess is no.

Overall, I think most of the rope accessories that have popped up are a little silly or kind of tacky (hey, just bein' honest!), but there are a few I can get behind. They've managed to make me less of a skeptic.

I give you my favorite nautical rope trends so far (so you don't get lost in the "Mom, look what I made at camp!" chaos):

Just a handful. Ha!

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