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Saturday, March 10, 2012

back, back to cali, cali

I finally made my trip to California.

Palm trees. Sandals. Sunny skies. Fresh Seafood. Pacific Ocean. Cold beer. Rollerbladers. Skateboarders. Fish tacos. Reggae. Beach bars. Sunglasses. Neon. I will happily go on and on because I'm still on Cloud 9 from the trip.

Oh and this guy I'm with in all the pictures? He's my brother, NOT my boyfriend. Ew.

Because my younger brother was my driver and he definitely doesn't like wasting his precious gas money driving around town aimlessly looking for places to go shopping, I wasn't able to check out a ton of places for home decor, but I did manage to find a few I'd like to share.

Maison En Provence in Mission Hills
820 Fort Stockton Drive, San Diego, CA 92103

This charming little store left me wanting to take a trip to the south of France more than ever. The shop is filled to the brim with precious linens, fragrant lavender, beautiful pottery, colorful florals, unique French decor and an owner with an enviable accent. It's the right place to look for something that will add a feminine touch to your home or make you feel like you're living the finer (French) life. Crepes anyone?

Nest Vintage in Golden Hill
830 25th Street, San Diego, CA 92102

This was the very first decor store I went into, and I was really impressed by its minimalist, magazine-worthy look. In other words, if you appreciate retro furniture and decor but aren't the type who enjoys rummaging through junk for that perfect wall clock, this is the place for you. All of their stuff, mostly furniture, was nice condition and good quality. And if you go in looking for a sofa, don't be surprised if you come out with a coffee table too; their products are oozing with so much style they are hard to resist! 

Bad Madge & Co. in South Park
2205 Fern St., San Diego, CA 92104

When I walked into Bad Madge, I felt like I was walking into Christmas morning. I got butterflies (as you know, this happens to me when it comes to home decor and design) and wished I didn't have to worry about taking anything I bought back on an airplane. After perusing the store and trying on silver Prada sandals, admiring the Mad Men-era barware, and checking out every lamp in sight, I chose to purchase a gold-colored, ornate metal trash can and a lucite vanity mirror. I was in a very girlie mood apparently. This place rocked, and was one of my favorite moments during the trip.

Overall, my much anticipated vacation in San Diego was fantastic. And I'm really glad my brother is graduating from college in May because it gives me a legit excuse to go back really really soon. :)


  1. Looks more fun than the snow we're having now!

  2. Yes. I would love to be back there! I strongly believe all Portlanders need to take at least one trip south during the winter/spring. It's good for us.


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