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Monday, February 20, 2012

surf stylie

In high school, I was really "into surfing." The craze began when my dad bought me a surfboard at a garage sale while we were on vacay in Santa Barbara, CA, and after paddling out for the first time at Leadbetter Beach (a nice spot for beginners like me), I found myself surrounded by a family of dolphins. I freaked out of course, and took it as a sign from God that I was meant to be a surfer. Just kidding. But I was so stoked on life from that unique experience that even though I didn't get up on a single wave that day (surfing is hard people!), I was determined to keep at it. I became obsessed.

Over the next couple of years, I read surf mags religiously and daydreamed about trips to Fiji, Indo, and Gold Coast, I wore Roxy and Volcom and Rusty like it was my job, I watched The Endless Summer and The Endless Summer II to the point of memorization, and after painting by bedroom "surf green," I plastered the walls with giant Rob Machado and Kelly Slater posters. But I wasn't a total poser; on a lot of Saturdays my brother and I would actually wake up super early and drive about an hour and a half down to Surfside, Texas, to catch some decent (believe it or not) waves.

After starting college in San Diego, I continued with the surfing thing until I decided the water was just too damn cold for me and I gave up. Plus the waves were often scary-big and it freaked me out. I really missed my mellow, bath water-warm Gulf of Mexico.

I still have major love for the surf culture vibe: the chilled-out, sun-drenched, travel-influenced, beach-worshipping lifestyle. I especially appreciate surf style translated into home decor; there is something just so positive about living in a space that creates an endless summer.

I'm totally lovin' these examples of "surf shack" decor below.


  1. I see pictures of other people, Amberly, but what do you do? What does your place look like?

    1. Here is a post about my studio apartment. I am currently working on getting my kitchen in order, and will post pics when I like how it looks!

      There are a number of reasons I don't regularly post photos of my own place, but you're comment has encouraged me to do so more. Thanks. I do enjoy collecting photos of other spaces, though, because I find a lot of inspiration in variety!


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