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Thursday, February 16, 2012

i'm in love, people!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are inspired by some incredibly awesome outfit that someone else is wearing, and you feel like you won't be happy unless you throw everything in your own closet out and start over with a whole new wardrobe?

Well that just happened to me, except instead of a whole new closet I want a whole new apartment. Actually - a house, in Los Angeles (here we go again) - with new furniture, new art, new colors, new everything.

Feast your eyes on this new dream house of mine and get ready to start panting:

Yeah that would be a neon sign above the door, designed by THE HOMEOWNER!

A pink pig on the mantle? Don't mind if I do.

This room is absolute perfection to me.

Kilim envy.

Yes to the pepto bismol!

Totally digging that mirror.

I have never ever in my life seen a more precious bowl.

I have butterflies. I have found my soulmate and it just happens to be a house (don't judge). Seriously, not a thing I would change about this place. 

The elements that stand out to me (and of course will try to recreate in my own apartment):

1) A white backdrop with pops of color juxtaposed against neutrals and natural wood

2) Diverse styles of wall art displayed in simple frames, grouped together in little families

3) Pink in unexpected places

4) Eclectic (and that's exactly how the homeowners describe their style)

5) A healthy mix of vintage/modern/antique. And that's good vintage, no kitsch allowed.

6) A nonchalant display of treasures from travels

And please note - All of these photos are from a Mar Vista, Los Angeles house tour featured on always-lovely Apartment Therapy. I definitely recommend you check it out so you can get all the deets on who the homeowners are, where they find such great stuff, and their philosophy behind design.

Here's to going to bed and dreaming about this house!  :)

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  1. thanks for adding me to your blog roll and nice job giving credit to those photos ;) really digging this house, especially since I can see you in something just like it!


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