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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

He's Heeeeeere!

Jonathan. Adler. Has. Come. To. Portland!!!!!!!

He had me at "minimalism is a bummer." So when I was driving with my mom through Portland's Pearl District last Thursday, I almost crashed my car when I saw the kids from The Real World the glowing blue words "Jonathan Adler" at the corner of NW 12th and Everett. Whimsical humor, playful color and thoughtful details are my favorite kind of heaven and this store brings it by the derriere loads. I totally melted. But instead of going on and on about how amazing this place is (my mom heard enough for everyone), I'll let the photos I obsessively snapped speak for themselves. Here is a look inside the brand-new Jonathan Adler store in Portland, Oregon...

Are you a Jonathan Adler fan? Do you have one of his delightful stores in your neck of the woods?


  1. Ooh yeah, when I saw his store in SF, I thought I had died and gone to design heaven. I'm glad Portland got one of his wonderful stores. Did you score any goodies?

  2. funnily enough, I love the two huge budgie photos in the first image best. I'd kill to have them in my living room. or maybe in my kitchen. or the bathroom?

  3. Oh that is an exciting discovery! I love his style too and was pretty excited when I went to his store in NYC. Sadly no JA in Australia. Maybe one day...

    Abbey x


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