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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Classy in California

Happy Tuesday! This post is going to be on the shorter side because I wasted my whole evening watching random Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana videos on Youtube  I'm trying to get to bed early after spending the past two nights in a tent on the hard-as-rock ground, freezing my butt off while camping in the Oregon wilderness. (I forgot socks, silly me.) How was your weekend? :)

Cutting to the chase, last week I took a peek at the latest APT with LSD and have been looking forward to sharing the photos ever since. While I don't know much about this particular homeowner (except that she comes across as super cool and someone I'd like to be friends with), I'm really glad they featured her home because it shows a great balance of quirk and class; I'm most obsessed with the bold look going on in her dining room. So without further ado, taken straight from the pages of Vogue, here is the fabulous home of actress/writer/director Lake Bell...

Do you love? And how was your weekend? 


  1. Okay yeah, her place is definitely fab. I love her home office.

    And yes, you should tell your mom to try Local Foods - everyone just RAVES about it

  2. Oh you're a better woman than I! Camping is not my friend :) agree, lake's place is divine!

    Abbey x

  3. I DO love!! And the no-socks thing... ugh.. I've been there and it it NOT good memories!! We camped by a freezing lake and I actually wore every piece of clothing that I had in my suitcase and still could not get warm. Your own bed is SO GOOOOOD

  4. {oh and I loved your comment on my blog! I can't find your email to reply, but it was super encouraging and i'm so thankful for it!!}


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