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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a favorite thing: kilim rugs

To some I am a very peculiar girl when it comes to my "must-haves" while looking for a new apartment. No dishwasher? I can live with that, I find washing dishes therapeutic, and besides, the steam's so good for your face! The apartment turns into a sweatbox on warm sunny days? Perfect, I won't have to leave home to do hot yoga!* It's less than 200 square feet? Oh yippee, an excuse to stay in bed all day since it will be my only piece of furniture! It has carpet throughout? Oh. Ummm. Yeaaah. Sorry... I really want hardwood floors. *Insider info: I've never done hot yoga, I'm not that cool. See, I do puns. And I'm convinced I would throw up if I tried it.

Of course, the whole vision of my ideal apartment includes rugs on top of these wonderful hardwood floors, but I'm not quite there yet. Because of their richly colored patterns, allusions to faraway lands and warmth under one's feet, kilims in particular are perpetually on my wish list (because the ones I want are just so dadgum expensive!). One day I hope to have a unique collection of them spread around my house, but as of now I just have one. That I love with all of my heart. So here I am... daydreaming about kilims in my future... enjoy!

I love the layered look, for some reason it reminds me of a hippie commune in the best kind of way. photo source

omg those colors! photo source

I think the orangey rug paired with the blue walls really hits the spot. photo source

Not only is this entire room stunning, but they have two kilims! photo source

Pairing with a flokati seems to be really "in." photo source

Okay there is a great chance that this is not a kilim, because it looks somewhat plush like an Oriental (or pile) rug, rather than the flatweave style that kilims are known for. I'm not sure, but I lust after this little rug, so I wanted to include it regardless! photo source

Wouldn't you agree that the rug pulls this entire room together? photo source

How amazing are those daybeds? Oops, back to the point, I love the stripes in this kilim. 
Source Unknown :(

Regal, no? I think the kilim rug brings it back down to earth, where it looks best. photo source

Such a fun room made 10x better by that colorful rug. Love. photo source

Can you relate to my need for hardwood floors? What's on your "must-have" list when looking for a new home?


  1. Rugs are SO expensive. Sigh, I'd love to have more around the place but I always want the ones that are a bajillion dollars. And I need a dish washer. I'm not a fan of doing dishes by hand, particularly after a big dinner party

  2. I haven't read the Egypt Game but will need to check it out. You're right, I'm totally not settled enough to accomplish the five different families of happiness. Something I really am trying to work on though

  3. You definitely have a stylish eye! Great post!

  4. You are wood floors. SO much healthier too- no allergens. When we renovated our home we took out all the old carpeting and put in hard wood floors, what a difference! and then you can have fun picking out different area rugs.

  5. Love the top pic. I have that exact kind of no-ceiling ceiling in my house. The layers of stuff are great, too.


  6. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

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  7. LOve This Dear! i enjoyed seeing it, Thanks For Posting ! ♥


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