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Friday, July 20, 2012

Favorite Bedrooms Friday

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is HERE.

Now that I'm coming upon the 1-year mark of living in my current studio apartment, I'm on the prowl for a new place, and I'm planning on making the long overdue step-up to an actual one bedroom apartment. Yea! While I love the 1920's character of my studio, not only is it unsuitable for parties (and barely suitable for book club), I can almost throw a rock onto I-5 from my window (and I'm no athlete) and I've had a difficult time embracing the trendy adjective "industrial" as a description for the neighborhood. On the bright side, the backside of the humongous billboard out my window was recently tagged with graffiti, so the view has become a little more interesting.

Luckily, I'm in one of those month-to-month rental situations so I can wait for however long necessary until that perfect new place pops up on Craigslist (I want to beat my 2-years-without-moving record so it needs to be close to perfect). As I daydream about what my new apartment might look like, what better place to start than with this new bedroom I'll be having? Enjoy the photos that caught my eye below and have a fantastic weekend!

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Doesn't look like I want to share a bedroom with a boy anytime soon! ;)

What do you love most about your bedroom?


  1. Hah, there's too much white to be sharing that room with a boy. My favourite thing about my bedroom is definitely my bed. It's pretty much the only piece of furniture in there and that's the way it should be - a room for sleeping!

  2. I love your sense of style! One day I'll have to hire you to spice up my place.

  3. I am in process of re-doing my bedroom and I recently got a new bed. I LOVE it. It feels so glamorous. I am picking out fabrics to make pillows to make it even cozier!


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