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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Mid-Century Cool 300

Because I'm currently living in a studio apartment that's less than 400 square feet, I always feel an instant sense of camaraderie when I learn of someone living in a similar-sized space and probably repeating the same warning I do to guests, "Okay, before you come in, just know it's really tiny and basically one giant bedroom." Enter interior designer Leslie Landis, whose home was recently featured in an Apartment Therapy house tour. She rents a 300 sq. ft. (you go girl!!) apartment in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles that is absolutely dripping with cool mid-century style. For those of you who "mid-century" means nada, zip, zero - think Mad Men. If you don't watch Mad Men, you really need to switch up what you're doing on Sunday nights, but for the time being just wait until you see Leslie's apartment below. While my style tends to be a little bit more eclectic (I think the only mid-century items I own are the roly-poly tumblers on my bar table), I would totally be down to set up a little cot in the hallway and move into her place tomorrow. While her attention to quirky, fun detail is incredible, I think what really pulls it all together is her choice of wallpaper. Check out the photos from the AT tour below and the full interview here.

Have you ever achieved a total room transformation in your home by painting the walls a new color or putting up interesting wallpaper?


  1. Oh wow! Loving her apt! It's amazing! All the pieces are too cool!


    1. Isn't it awesome? Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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