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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not Quite Domesticated

I rent and I have two roommates with completely different styles. Party planning doesn't go much further than a clever Facebook invitation and a trip to Costco. And on any given night, I usually cook for one. I really like the idea of entertaining, decorating, and cooking - and doing it well - but my life circumstances (mostly because of my age I've concluded, and, not to be cliche - "the economy") prevent me from going all-out Martha Stewart. I figure that starting, and maintaining (this may or may not be my sixth blog in existence), a blog focused on all things related to style in the home will force me to get creative and do these things in the best way I can. Cuz I'll wanna show off. Exciting right? Thought so. And now it begins...

PS: Yes, you're right: the name of this blog is an homage to Mr. Kanye West ~ "let's go on a livin' spree, they say the best things in life are free ... Welcome to the Good Life." I'm kind of a big fan. I like the crazies.


  1. Awesome Blog! Love Amy Sedaris! I have her cook book. I got it for six dollars at Barnes & noble I was sooo excited!

  2. I usually end up getting take out rather than cooking for one though you probably guessed that from my Check-In history.

    Like you, I am both a Kanye and Taylor fan. Don't make me choose!

  3. Haha yes, I do see your many check-ins. Awesome places though!

    And I will never choose between Taylor and Kanye either...


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