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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fireplace Love

Well HELLO. It's been a while! See, I moved recently and couldn't justify taking the time to blog when I was still sleeping in a sleeping bag because I hadn't yet found the box with my bed linens in it. Over a dozen boxes and I forgot to label them. I procrastinated on packing so badly that there was absolutely no method to that madness. But now my bed is made, the dishes are put away and there are only half a dozen boxes left to unpack so I felt like I could indulge in a few moments of interior design giddiness. ;)

So yeah, I moved! I traded in 400 sq. feet, freeway noise, a Shining-esque elevator and a noisy upstairs neighbor for a cute little one-bedroom apartment in neighborhoody Southeast Portland. Aside from the seemingly-large rodent that's currently stuck in my bedroom wall (not the most wonderful sound to be woken up to after watching multiple episodes of American Horror Story), I am LOVING my new place. I am especially excited about all of the decorating and design work that I will get to do. People, I have never had my own living room before! 

Now I'm three paragraphs back into blogging and it genuinely makes me very, very happy. It's been a month (hi and bye to Thanksgiving!) and I have missed it so. I just got home from work and because it's absolutely FREEZING in my apartment, I'm going to do that whole "imagine you're on a beach" thing in an attempt to warm up except I'm going to gather and stare at some photos of fireplaces. It is that time of year.

So... some of my favorite rooms with fireplaces (working or not!) to get us in a cozy kind of mood!

this eclectic, vintage-styled fireplace via Design Sponge (my fave of the bunch)

an elegant, monochromatic fireplace via Design Sponge

a glamorous fireplace via Gild and Grace

a sophisticated and classic fireplace via The Aestate

a whimsical fireplace via Apartment Therapy

TWO gorgeous fireplaces via Gild and Grace

a show-stopper of a fireplace via The Design Files

a beautifully timeless fireplace via Design Sponge

Are you one of the lucky ones who has a fireplace in your home? 
What's your favorite way to stay warm in the colder months? 

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  1. Some gorgeous inspiration here! So happy for you and your new digs. It's always fun to think of all you can do with a new space. I'm sure it will be lovely..I look forward to seeing what you do!

    Stay Cozy!

  2. Ooh congrats on the new place! You really will have to share pictures. Can't wait to see how you start pulling the place together

  3. Gorgeous! I want a fireplace so bad, unfortunately we never actually get to use them here in AZ.
    xo Jessica

    PS-Thanks for the link love!

  4. They are all beautiful - congrats on the new place! There is nothing like having your own rooms to play with!!!

  5. I grew up in Oregon City right and we had a woodstove but I've always wanted a fireplace. When we built my grandma's house next door, my mom gave her an amazing fireplace. That's def one thing I need in my life when I'm old enough to have my own place :) (like OWN :) )

  6. Your comment about the mouse in the wall and watching American Horror story was so funny! I have a big fire place that I still can't seem to decorate right. I need help lol

  7. The first one got to be my favourite! Is so beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous spaces Amberly! Love a good fireplace! Isn't moving a drag?! Only good when it's over :)

    Abbey x

  9. SO exciting that you're in a new place! I always love getting to decorate from scratch!


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